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St-Hubert Machine Shop does a variety of repairs for many types of products

Listed below are few examples of some of the types of repairs we are able to do.

  • Bevel
  • Helical
  • Herringbone
  • Miter Gears
  • Spiral Bevels and Miters
  • Rack and Pinions
  • Internal Gears and Splines
  • Worm Gears and Worm


We offer different types of Gearing products. We manufacture all sizes and types of gears. In any case, St-Hubert Machine Shop promises to deliver a product better in quality than any OEM product.

Gear Boxes

We overhaul many different types of gear boxes, including bearings and seals. When we overhaul, we restore the gears back to their original state. When necessary, we will replace any piece that is non repairable. We will restore your product with stronger and better materials, bearings and seals.

Babbit Bearings

We strip and pour babbit BEARINGS up to 80” in diameter. Depending on the condition and application, we occasionally recommend a slight retouch. After the babbit bearing is poured, we test and inspect for spots or stress cracks.


St-Hubert Machine Shop repairs and overhauls blowers. In addition to rebuilding lobes (when applicable) and rebuilding shafts, we also apply coatings to add longevity to the unit. We have our own facilities designated just for testing each product we make.

Air Lock Systems (rotary valves)

We rebuild and manufacture many custom systems depending on the customer’s application. We manufacture such systems using proprietary material which will out last any competitors system on the market under normal operation conditions.

Quality Products

St-Hubert Machine Shop stands 110% behind every product with a guarantee. Each gear we produce must pass our strict quality control process before entering the market.

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St-Hubert Machine Shop is a growing company located in Montreal. Our specialized team is compromised of very motivated and dynamic individuals. To submit you resume please click here.

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