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With over 35 years experience, St-Hubert Machine Shop Inc has developed their trademark in the gear manufacturing industry by giving their clients quality products and customer service. Our method is simple. Our work strategies are customized around each client’s needs. St-Hubert Machine Shop now has two fully functional plants in North America. We are now able to serve any customer across the continent. In this industry, meeting specific deadlines is a number one priority. Our quick turn around times for all products and repairs is what separates us from all OEM manufacturers. Never again will you wait 12 to 32 weeks for your delivery. Like the rest of our loyal customers, you will be pleasantly surprised… that’s a promise…

The Difference

St-Hubert Machine Shop is a very unique company. What sets us apart from our competitors is our feedback to you and our dedication. There is always a customer service representative waiting to answer your call. No more transfers, no more messages, we strive to always work directly with each client on a one on one basis.. Customers call, and questions get answered. We work around the clock to ensure that each job is completed with perfection and delivery dates are met. We are professionals in the gear manufacturing industry and take pride in the fact that we service each client quickly and efficiently. St-Hubert Machine Shop is there for you. Take a look at our brochure for more information about our facilities and services.

High Precision Machining

Our engineers tackle the most difficult tasks such as design making, print making or changes, on site services, or reverse equipment modifications.

Mobile Services

Our portable machine shop is considerably equipped, therefore we are able to perform any machine shop services at any location.


St-Hubert Machine Shop does a variety of repairs for many types of products including: Bevel, Helical, Herringbone, Miter Gears, Spiral Bevels and others.

Our Products

St-Hubert Machine Shop stands 110% behind every product with a guarantee. Our wide range of products allows us to cater to any industry.

Quality Products

St-Hubert Machine Shop stands 110% behind every product with a guarantee. Each gear we produce must pass our strict quality control process before entering the market.

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St-Hubert Machine Shop is a growing company located in Montreal. Our specialized team is compromised of very motivated and dynamic individuals. To submit you resume please click here.

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